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Birth | Hospital and Home

Home and Hospital births are a sacred occasion. When I had my children years ago, birth photographers where not yet the craze as they are today. The doula and hospital nurse took initiative to grab a couple of (very unflattering might I add) photos of me on the hospital bed AND from the worst angle possible. I honestly don’t think I’ve even looked at those photos till this day. I still cringe when I see it. It is the one thing I will always regret: not having good quality photos of our children’s arrival into this world.

If you want my advice – if you are interested in getting it done, bite the bullet and book a photographer. These are memories and moments you can never get back, remake or restyle. And in time, you will also learn that your child becomes the most important person in your life. We just are like that – we will do everything and anything for them. Having these special moments captured on film is also incredibly valuable for the child to connect with their origin as they grow older and try to figure life out.

In my view a priceless investment and one where you cannot go wrong. To make sure that we get your birth story captured, I have partnered with another birth photographer (with a very similar style of capturing) to tag team, in the emergency that I am not available to attend the birth. So, we’ve got your event covered!