Soulburst Photography

Animal Portraits

You know that furry angel of yours is living Prozac with legs (or actually all our animals should come with wings because they are angels!) They are lend to us for a small time – make sure you have beautiful pictures to capture their significant service in your life!

Birth Packages

There is only one opportunity to capture your child’s first breath. You will one day cherish those first images! There are  ethical issues to consider during birth photography. Make sure you contract a registered professional to capture your special moments.

Boudoir Packages

Do you want to surprise your partner with tasteful images of yourself? I believe all human forms should be celebrated! I love capturing raw, unfiltered beauty in all shapes and sizes. Let’s bring out the sexy in you! I promise absolutely no judgment!

Couple Packages

Love is a splendid thing! It’s the most inexplicable, yet strongest force, in the universe! Let me capture your unique love story in a way that is authentic to you and your partner. Let’s document your divine union!

Event Packages

Whether you are a social butterfly, or the shy introvert that wants to have a small intimate event captured tastefully, we are keen to make your social event(s) stand out! If your event size is not on the list, contact me for a customised quote to suite your needs.

Property Packages

Good quality images of your property can make the world of difference in your advertising campaigns! People are willing to pay more for properties with images that show off property features. Invest in good quality images of your investment!

Family Packages

The one thing most people would die to protect. How valuable is that connection to the people who always have your back, those who understand where you come from? We will certainly click with your tribe!  (Pun intended)

Sport Packages

You’ve worked hard to get those muscles – why not show them off? There is beauty in all shapes, but some shapes really show off clothing and sports gear quite nicely! We capture those “this is what I looked like at age x” moments.

Food Styling Packages

So you make the most delicious food in the world. Who sees it? Are you reaching your target audience? It is a well known fact that people eat with their eyes. If your dishes are not on display out there, hungry tummies, open wallets and discerning pallets can’t get to it.

Lifestyle Packages

We document the every day magick moments of your life. Unscripted, raw and unique to your environment. You don’t need a fancy house to capture great lifestyle moments. Let’s capture you being you! You and your family are already beautiful the way you are, no need to change anything, we just need to capture your gold!

Maternity Packages

Wanting to capture that pregnancy glow, without looking like the beached whale that you potentially feel like? I know, being pregnant doesn’t always feel the way it looks to other people. I certainly did not feel like a glowy sparkly gestator! Let’s capture how you look, so that you can have goosies when you look back later years (without the nausea and breathlessness)!

Matric Farewell Packages

Young, beautiful, adventurous, and let’s face it, a little bit naive to the responsibilities of the world. Who wouldn’t look back at those images with nostalgia? Your date may not be in your life years later, but you will always be able to show your grand children what a stunner you were at age 18. And off course, Mom and Dad want to show you off!

New Born Packages

Some people genuinely don’t want a camera present in the labour ward. But you do want to have those special first hours captured. Or perhaps you are looking for more curated images of your little one to put up in their nursery. New born images almost always elicits the ‘oohhhs” and “ahhs” when done well.

Portrait Packages

Portrait photography is one of my big passions in life. I am absolutely fascinated by the human race. Our bodies, the inner working of our minds and how and why we exist. Nothing gives me more opportunity to celebrate our diversity, than taking authentic portraits of people. I really try to “see” you in what we capture.

Product Shoot Packages

Good quality images of your products can make the world of difference in your advertising campaigns! People buy with their senses, specifically their eyes. What they see is very important and often are willing to pay more for items that are visually appealing. I create product images that are on point for your brand!

Style/Fashion Packages

Love is a splendid thing! It’s the most unexplainable, yet THE strongest force in the universe! Let me capture your unique love story in a way that is authentic to you and your divine union.

Fantasy Packages

I do special styled or fantasy themed shoots under the brand Soulportrait™. This concept marries two of the loves of my life: photography and spirituality. Visit for more information or download the basic packages below.

Wedding Packages

Capturing the day that celebrates the sacred union between two people is such an amazing privilege. Because of the dynamics and multiple streams of activity on this day, I shoot with a second shooter. So it’s me and my most trusted bestie that will ensure no moments are missed!

Capturing your imperfect moments perfectly!