Soulburst Photography

New Born | Fresh 48

Sometimes it is just not a logistical possibility to have a photographer present during a child’s entry into this world. The Newborn genre is quite familiar and has been around for many years – the posed, colour co-ordinated photos of a dreamy baby in a crib and so forth. These require little introduction. This is not a shoot that delivers hundreds of photos because the babies are very small and fragile we don’t want to move and pose them around too much. It’s just not kind to their little structures.

Fresh 48 shoots are more like a documentary style capture of the baby’s first 48 hours in the hospital or at home. This is such a special time of bonding, challenges and because the parents are often filled with emotions and their new role or addition to the family, that it is easy to forget what your little one looked like in those very early days. The Fresh 48 is also part of the Maternity Package for parents who’d like to have a more economic package to capture their baby’s whole journey, from before birth till arrival.