Soulburst Photography

Capturer of Contrasts


As my website suggests, I like bold, bright, explosive, strong and intense images. I am obsessed with capturing images with SOUL!

There is nothing subdued about me or my captures. It is a burst of colour, proportions and light. Like my husband would so eloquently say: detail orientated captures.

I tend to get up close and personal. My eyes don’t miss a detail, just like my lens doesn’t miss an emotion! When selecting images representative of my style, I always come back to images that are bold, thought provoking and not to mention sometimes steamy.

Main core of my captures? I love the unveiling of mysteries. Mystery is often incorrectly only perceived as something vague and unsolvable, something hard to reveal. In studying true mysteries of the Universe, you might find like me, that it is revealed in the contrasts of life. The veil is lifted, sometimes through joy, and sometimes in pain, and sometimes in the most unlikely places. But one thing is true – it is in those extremes we develop into our true authentic self.

In a parabol to this, the science of photography, is all about capturing the contrasts between light and dark. Images develop from the full spectrum light, shadows and colour. So, the REAL YOU exist in the balance of your most ecstatic and most tragic moment.

Through photography, I guess I still hold on to my days of observation as a spirit guide! I love the open access and welcome into people’s lives. I am granted unconditional trust by people I photograph, an honor I do not take lightly. I love the lessons and the inspiration I draw from connecting with each individual soul. I learn so much from observing and capturing people in the physical.

I can’t give much of a “sales pitch”, it won’t be genuine to me. All I can say is: I see you and I don’t judge! I can do pictures that are risky and daring, or, I can do more plain, subdued and vanilla. Both sides of the spectrum excites me equally.

Whatever your photography vision is, I am up for the brief. I am passionately curious and creative. Let’s co-create and think out of the box! I don’t stop till we are not both happy. When it comes to my craft, I’m a little obsessive like that. Let’s make your soul shine!

Love and Moonlight, Leonie


In the digital age where we get so used to viewing images online, it is always nice seeing your images in print!