Soulburst Photography

Dance of the Flamingo

We just returned from a 2-week trip to Namibia and goodness me, the landscape did not disappoint! There is so much diversity in the Namibian landscape and we even went through a desert sandstorm (an experience I would not entirely recommend for first timers). But with all the landscapes and textures, if I have to name my favourite images of the whole trip, it would be the flamingos.

I sat there watching them for more than three hours and I could have stayed there longer! They seemed so content, so chatty and just all over quirky as they were trottering around in the mud – trying to lift small sand and water insects to the gumble away. 

I felt an incredible feeling of peace around them. Something I’ve not experienced around any of the animals found in South Africa more commonly. There is something about the blue and pink that makes my heart happy – add to that a beautiful reflection that makes it almost wallpaper like in texture and I’m on Cloud Nine!

Yours in capturing YOU, Leonie J.

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