Soulburst Photography


If there can be an empty nest syndrome, I feel I can take it upon myself to create a “Full Nest Syndrome”. Currently what I am suffering from (diagnoses also my own).

On the flip side – I’m sure I’ll do what any mother does when her fragile younglings are in danger: protect them with all the fire and fierceness in my body!

Don’t get me wrong: I LOVE my family. But at times I do wish that I can just get into a car, with my camera off course, and drive into the sunset. You know, like in my own movie.

It’s not my reality and I’m well aware that I will sit crunched over family albums one day, willing to give anything to touch or hug my kids in this stage of their life.

But for now, allow me the indulgence of speaking my mind on getting used to having a Teen and a Grade 1 in the same house.

It’s fun!
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