Soulburst Photography


Last year June we visited Swakopmund in Namibia. I’ve been to Namibia before but somehow this trip was different. Not only did I cover more ground and see more of the natural diversity this neighboring country boasts, but I also connected more with the animal kingdom this time.
 Out of all the animals we came across, the Flamingos by far charmed me the most. I took one morning and sat for almost five hours observing them treading water for water insects, crustacea and pretty much anything suitable to their palate.
 What surprised me the most of that morning, was the incredibly sense of peace I felt next to this flamboyance of flamingos. Their quiet communal breakfast, everyone flying in and out at their own pace and leisure. There was a peaceful rhythm in the picture in front of me. As much as I felt outside it, I also felt a part of them.
In their peaceful, inconspicuous way, they taught me about UNITY.
Yours in capturing YOU, Leonie Jordaan
“The thing I love most about photography is that it forces you to constantly change your perspective.”
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