Soulburst Photography


There comes a time in everyone’s life where they are given the opportunity to voice or (sing) the truth of who they are. Some choose to do so, and others not.
Stepping forward and finding your voice often means that you have to:
– stand up against people who you know will not agree with your choice.
– admit to yourself what you’ve been trying to deny/suppress.
– you need to have a good idea of your “theme” or song.
You also need to be willing to accept your life story and all the relevant parts of it, which means that:
– you must be willing to admit the mistakes you’ve made.
– you must be willing to accept the mistakes that other people have made.
– you must be willing to forgive others for the hurt they’ve caused you.
– you must be willing to forgive yourself for what you’ve done.
And that is what makes it hard for us to sing our song of freedom. And at first, the notes may be missed. The rhythm perched. But once you get to the chorus, nothing on this earth can sound more sweet. Nothing is indeed more beautiful.
May you have the courage to sing your song to the world and if not permanently, may you taste the sweet taste of truth at least once in your lifetime.
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